For 15 years the Department of Health (DH) has managed and supported its free to use construction procurement framework. ProCure22 (P22) and its predecessors have been at the forefront of NHS construction, delivering 852 publicly funded schemes with a combined value of £8.7bn.

The P22 process builds on the benefits and successes of previous frameworks while satisfying the core objective of delivering improving outcomes (time, cost, quality and in particular, patient experience) in capital developments. Key components driving these outcomes and benefits for the framework are:

  • Free to use;
  • Commercial component introduced during the selection process (30% contribution);
  • Free VAT recovery service, which to date has resulted in savings of £20m to the NHS in fees;
  • Quality assured Principal Supply Chain Partners (PSCPs) and supply chains;
  • PSCPs involved early in the process to build more effective teams, deliver added value for money and ensure a scheme design makes best use of the right resources during its development, avoiding problems during construction;
  • Free training and Implementation support to any public or third sector organisation with design and construction requirements for a health and social care facility;
  • Free access to and use of StandardShare (P22 agreed standard component deals), ProjectShare(Royalty Free licence enabling sharing of design information Etc.) and repeatable rooms;
  • Free access to and use of briefing toolkits for clinical and non-clinical projects;
  • Post Occupancy Evaluation and Project End Review templates; and
  • Pre-prepared documentation for selection and ongoing management of the process.

P22 is a suitable procurement route for:

  • Master Planning, Service planning or reconfiguration reviews;
  • Major works schemes (new or refurbishment);
  • Minor Works Schemes for Single or Multiple Task Periods;
  • Infrastructure upgrades (roads, plant, etc) and non-health buildings (car parks, etc);
  • Feasibility studies.

Download: ProCure22 update – October 2017