ProCure22 (P22) is a Construction Procurement Framework administrated by the Department of Health (DH) for the development and delivery of NHS and Social Care capital schemes in England. It is consistent with the requirements of Government Policy including the Productivity and Efficiency agenda; the Government Construction Strategy; the Public Contracts Regulations 2015; the National Audit Office guidance on use of centralised frameworks; and the Cabinet Office Common Minimum Standards for procurement of the Built Environment in the Public Sector.

P22 represents the third iteration of the DH Framework providing Design and Construction Services for use by the NHS and Social Care organisations for a range of works and services. P22 continues to build on the principles of its predecessors to streamline the procurement process and create an environment in which Clients, Principal Supply Chain Partners (PSCPs) and their supply chains develop stronger partnerships to drive increased efficiency and productivity whilst supporting enhanced clinical outputs for patients and improved environments for staff and visitors.

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Latest news

Oxford University Hospitals Energy Project

The Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has completed a £14.8m energy project culminating in the official opening of the new Energy Center in November 2017. In the first full quarter of operation, the trust reduced its energy bills by  £600,000. Whilst...

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ProCure22 update – October 2017

For 15 years the Department of Health (DH) has managed and supported its free to use construction procurement framework. ProCure22 (P22) and its predecessors have been at the forefront of NHS construction, delivering 852 publicly funded schemes with a combined value of £8.7bn. The P22 process builds on the benefits and successes of previous frameworks while satisfying the core objective of delivering improving outcomes (time, cost, quality and in particular, patient experience) in capital developments.

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ProCure22 – Standard Components – New Agreements Announced

Following the success of the ProCure21+ Standard Components agreements, the ProCure22 framework has invested in negotiating the next generation of Standard Component agreements with healthcare suppliers in order to deliver to all current projects being delivered under the ProCure21+ and ProCure22 frameworks.

The new agreements offer a wider and more diverse range of products to support the Efficiency and Productivity Programme (EPP) to match the continual drive of the ProCure22 framework to offer our NHS clients betterment in both capital and operational cost efficiencies.

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ProCure22 at the Healthcare Estates Conference

The ProCure22 team and the Principal Supply Chain Partners will be exhibiting at the Healthcare Estates Conference on the 10th and 11th October at the Manchester Central. You will be able to find the team at stand D27 on both days. We would like to invite you to...

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ProCure22 Training

There is now a dedicated ‘Training’ tab on the P22 Club website. This gives a quick overview of the training provided by P22, including a link to our e-training portal as well as details and downloads for the classroom training we offer. Also listed are upcoming...

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PSCP Code of Competition Charter

The Code of Competition has been drawn up collaboratively by the 6 Principal Supply Chain Partners (PSCPs) appointed to the ProCure22 (P22) Framework. The code ensures fair competition between the PSCPs ensuring that all parties are acting in the best interests of the...

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P22 Projects

Schemes and projects

VAT Recovery

Schemes that are delivered through the P22 framework are offered a free of charge VAT recovery service. Since April 2015, to the end of quarter 3 in financial year 2017-18, approximately £39m in VAT has been recovered.




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