The ProCure22 Principal Supply Chain Partners (PSCPs) provide a complete construction and refurbishment solution for an NHS Client or Joint Venture.

The PSCPs provide a single point of responsibility and can be rapidly mobilised by avoiding the OJEU process. They offer a wide range of services that can help the NHS Client in the initial stages of a scheme. For example:


(Pre-Strategic Outline Case)

  • Strategic advice
  • Planning
  • Service-estate strategies
  • Business planning


(Strategic Outline Case)

  • Assistance with strategy
  • Option evaluation
  • Affordability reviews


(Outline Business Case)

  • Development of functional brief
  • Affordability reviews
  • Programming


(Full Business Case)

  • Detailed design development
  • Cost verification
  • Programming risk and value management
  • VAT calculation service
Working with the NHS on ProCure22 provides the PSCPs with:

  • A fair profit
  • The chance of a long term relationship with a client based on the delivery of good work
  • Reduced tendering time and cost
  • The chance of consistent workload
  • The ability to share knowledge, continuously improve to work more efficiently.

On ProCure21+, good business was repeat business: 83% of Trusts with more than one scheme use the same PSCP for all their schemes.


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VAT Recovery

Schemes that are delivered through the P22 framework are offered a free of charge VAT recovery service. Since April 2015, to the end of quarter 3 in financial year 2017-18, approximately £39m in VAT has been recovered.


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