The ProCure22 Principal Supply Chain Partners (PSCPs) provide a complete construction and refurbishment solution for an NHS Client or Joint Venture.

The PSCPs provide a single point of responsibility and can be rapidly mobilised by avoiding the OJEU process. They offer a wide range of services that can help the NHS Client in the initial stages of a scheme. For example:


(Pre-Strategic Outline Case)

  • Strategic advice
  • Planning
  • Service-estate strategies
  • Business planning


(Strategic Outline Case)

  • Assistance with strategy
  • Option evaluation
  • Affordability reviews


(Outline Business Case)

  • Development of functional brief
  • Affordability reviews
  • Programming


(Full Business Case)

  • Detailed design development
  • Cost verification
  • Programming risk and value management
  • VAT calculation service
Working with the NHS on ProCure22 provides the PSCPs with:

  • A fair profit
  • The chance of a long term relationship with a client based on the delivery of good work
  • Reduced tendering time and cost
  • The chance of consistent workload
  • The ability to share knowledge, continuously improve to work more efficiently.

On ProCure21+, good business was repeat business: 83% of Trusts with more than one scheme use the same PSCP for all their schemes.

P22 Projects

Schemes and projects

VAT Recovery

Schemes that are delivered through the P22 framework are offered a free of charge VAT recovery service. Since April 2015, to the end of quarter 3 in financial year 2017-18, approximately £39m in VAT has been recovered.


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