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What is ProCure23?

ProCure23 (P23) is the fourth generation of the ProCure framework for the design and construction of NHS capital projects with an expected cumulative spend of £9bn during its lifespan.

P23 enables NHS clients to quickly access experienced and proficient partners to support excellence in all aspects of NHS capital project delivery, including business case development/approval, sustainability, design, construction (including modern methods), disruption mitigation, benefit realisation and optimised occupation.

In light of developments over the past year, including the announcement of the New Hospital Programme, P23 (previously referred to by the working name ProCure2020) has been updated to better reflect the changing needs of the NHS and acknowledge other infrastructure and capital projects ongoing within the NHS.

The P23 framework builds on the successes of three previous iterations of the ProCure framework that have delivered over £10 billion of projects for the NHS. It complies with the UK Government’s Outsourcing and Construction Playbooks.

NHS England and NHS Improvement are working with Crown Commercial Service (CCS) to deliver the new framework. CCS, an executive agency of the Cabinet Office, is the UK’s largest public procurement organisation.

There will be 3 lots available as part of P23 covering different values ranging from under £20 million to over £70 million. For the first time as part of the ProCure structure, the lower value lot (<£20m) will be split into the seven NHS England and NHS Improvement geographical regions. This is intended to open the framework to suitable regional contractors, enhance capacity and increase local backing for projects.

P23 will provide more flexibility for contractors and bring the latest best practice in construction methods, modern methods of construction and digital infrastructure to the NHS. It has a focus on delivering greener facilities, reducing carbon emissions throughout the process and promoting social value.

The P22 framework has been extended until 30 June 2022 to enable continuity of design and construction services via P22 for the NHS until its successor framework, ProCure23 (P23), becomes available for use by NHS clients. P22 will cease the day before P23 goes live.

P23 is not intended to be the main sourcing route for the New Hospital Programme (NHP), for which separate market engagement and procurements will follow. However, NHP reserves the right to use P23 in the future. You can find out more about NHP from their PIN.

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VAT Recovery

Schemes that are delivered through the P22 framework are offered a free of charge VAT recovery service. Since April 2015, to the end of quarter 3 in financial year 2017-18, approximately £39m in VAT has been recovered.


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