ProCure22- BIM response matrix P22-XX-XX-SP-K-EIR-001 P22-XX-XX-SP-K-AIR-001 P22 – BIM Process Diagram P22-XX-XX-SP-K-BEP-001 P22-XX-XX-SP-K-OIR-001 P22 – BIM Client Guide P22-XX-XX-SP-K-AIR-002The ProCure22 Framework (P22) is preparing to launch the first draft of their suite of BIM documents, with the objective of providing a standardised process to deliver BIM Level 2 for the NHS’s healthcare projects throughout the ProCure22 framework.
Driving efficiencies by employing a common suite of documents across all PSCPs, which can then be incorporated throughout the whole supply chain will improve communication and enable a common practice to develop best practice for all involved in providing the best value delivery of BIM enabled construction delivery and operational management throughout our NHS client’s facilities.
As part of the development of this suite of documents, we wish to engage the wider market to provide comments and suggestions on the documents currently prepared to date and assist with the ongoing development of BIM enabled delivery, we would therefore appreciate your comments on the following documents: Please respond using the response matrix provided by Friday 27 July 2018 – to enable the ProCure22 framework to finalise the suite of documents ready for a September 2018 publication
• BIM Client Guide
• BIM Process Diagram
• EIRs
• OIRs
• AIRs (one word document and one excel document)