Following the success of the ProCure21+ Standard Components agreements, the ProCure22 framework has invested in negotiating the next generation of Standard Component agreements with healthcare suppliers in order to deliver to all current projects being delivered under the ProCure21+ and ProCure22 frameworks.

The new agreements offer a wider and more diverse range of products to support the Efficiency and Productivity Programme (EPP) to match the continual drive of the ProCure22 framework to offer our NHS clients betterment in both capital and operational cost efficiencies – the new agreements for the following component categories have been awarded to:

Fire Smoke Dampers

Advanced Air
Action Air


David Smith St.Ives Ltd
Conduit Construction Network Ltd
Hanson & Beards



Medical Bedhead Services

Static Systems Group Plc


Akzo Nobel (Dulux)

Further agreements for Sanitaryware, Radiant Panels, Secure Windows, Lighting, Suspended Ceilings – coming soon.

Detailed information including the Category Component Proposals and the Component Catalogue are currently being prepared and will be uploaded over the next few weeks.

All P21+ standard component agreements as of the 1st Nov 2017 have now expired.

Procurements that are currently being pursued under the P21+ agreements may complete under the original terms. All schemes (P21+ or P22) looking to use P22 standard components from the 1st November 2017 must use the revised agreements now posted on the P21+ and P22 Club Websites.