Update for potential ProCure2020 suppliers

Department of Health & Social Care, NHS England and NHS Improvement have received very strong levels of interest from potential suppliers, as well as lots of helpful constructive feedback. Having considered feedback to date DHSC, NHS England and NHS Improvement will now be working to the following timetable changes:

Date now: Previously advised date:
1 Update to suppliers (to be posted on P2020 page of P22 website) Fri 13 March No date
2 ITT published by to suppliers Mon 20 April Fri 13 March
3 Deadline for supplier tender return Weds 03 June Fri 24 April
4 Successful/unsuccessful suppliers informed Fri 24 July Fri 24 July
5 Mobilisation Aug/Sept Aug/Sept
6 P2020 Framework commencement 01 Oct 2020 01 Oct 2020

The timetable changes have been made primarily to avoid the P2020 tender period straddling Easter holidays and mitigates against tenders clashing with those of other frameworks. We have also ensured that tenderers will get 6 full weeks (i.e. 30 working days) to draft and submit their tenders.

Please appreciate that, in developing this industry leading and pioneering framework, timetables may change but the above is our best expectation.

We will continue to keep you updated (as above, next update anticipated to be 13 March) as we are keen to give all potential suppliers as much foresight as possible so tender teams can be primed and prepared to respond to this rare and exciting opportunity to be a key delivery partner for the considerable enhancement and development upcoming to health and social care estate.

Message from: Department of Health & Social Care, NHS England and NHS Improvement