The ProCure22 Framework(P22)  is pleased announce the launch of the Evidence and Experience based P22 Healthcare Colour Palette. P22 is pleased to have supported AkzoNobel (Paints and Coating Manufacturer/Supplier) and Tarkett (Floor Finish Manufacturer/Supplier) in their development of the P22 Healthcare Colour Palette.

These two P22 Supply Chain organisations have risen to the challenge of ‘delivering improved patient and staff outcomes’ through the medium of evidence based colour selection, de-mystifying an often subjective selection process. They have collaborated with the Health Sector, undertaken literature reviews and combined with their own industry wide research to develop a comprehensive Healthcare Colour Palette.

This offers choice to Clients, within pre-selected and matched floor/wall colour combinations. It supports the P22 Designers to develop, evidence based and experience grounded, interior proposals in collaboration with the building users. It takes the personal bias out of colour selection. AkzoNobel and Tarkett are commended for this joint initiative and their focus on ‘driving innovation through collaboration’.

The P22 Colour Palette has been divided into specific Repeatable Room types covering:

  • Outpatient consult/exam rooms;
  • Urgent and emergency department rooms;
  • Acute inpatient ward. Single bedrooms and multi-bed bays;
  • Mental health inpatient bedrooms functional and organic.