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What is ProCure2020?

ProCure2020 (P2020) is the fourth generation of the ProCure framework for the design and construction of NHS capital projects. It enables NHS clients to quickly access, in a one-stop-shop capacity, experienced and proficient partners to support excellence in all aspects of NHS capital project delivery, including business case development/approval, sustainability, design, construction (including modern methods), disruption mitigation, benefit realisation and optimised occupation.

As the successor to ProCure22 which will expire in 2021, P2020 is the preferred procurement route for the design and construction of buildings across the sector. P2020 extends the framework into its third decade of provision – building on the success of the previous ProCure21 (P21), ProCure21+ (P21+) and ProCure22 (P22) health-specific frameworks which demonstrated significant advancement in delivering improved value for money in NHS capital developments.

The ownership, oversight, and administration of ProCure frameworks has moved from the Department of Health and Social Care to NHS England and NHS Improvement (NHSE/I) Estates division. Feedback received suggested that moving the framework closer to the NHS will help with engagement and take-up from suppliers, and ultimately benefit NHS customers.

As with previous frameworks, there is a commitment to partnering (long-term relationships), collaborative working, integrated supply chains, and the use of target cost contracts and now fixed price contracts where appropriate. P2020 represents industry best practice and guards against the poor practice and risks that are associated with traditional methods of procurement. P2020 reduces the client’s exposure to risk and offers an open, honest, and fair profit to appointed, sustainable supply chains.

It is expected that ProCure22 will remain live and available to NHS clients until P2020 goes live.


ProCure2020 progress

We wanted to touch base as we are conscious that a ProCure2020 progress update hasn’t been issued for a while. We have been busy finalising the ProCure2020 framework and we anticipate making a formal announcement in the near future. Meanwhile, it is expected that ProCure22 will remain live and available to NHS clients until ProCure2020 is activated.

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P2020 mailing list

If you are interested in the upcoming ProCure2020 framework, you can join our mailing list so you are informed by email when we issue a P2020 update. Please provide your GDPR consent by emailing and asking to be added to the P2020 mailing list.

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ProCure2020 update for industry

The P2020 team has been very busy since the industry webinar on 17 January 2020, and this update provides you with key information following the webinar.

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ProCure2020 procurement timetable changes

Department of Health & Social Care, NHS England and NHS Improvement have received very strong levels of interest from potential suppliers, as well as lots of helpful constructive feedback. Having considered feedback to date DHSC, NHS England and NHS Improvement will now be working to a revised timetable.

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P2020 question responses

Thank you to all those that submitted questions via the webinar and the ProCure2020 email inbox. We are pleased to be able to share the responses to your questions.

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P2020 Webinar Slides

Thanks to all who attended the P2020 Webinar on 17 January 2020, a copy of the slides are available for download. Download PowerPoint file: P2020 Industry Webinar slides

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New framework: ProCure 2020

The Department of Health & Social Care P22 team have recently commenced developing the requirements for a new framework, P2020, to be in place when the current P22 framework closes for new work at the end of September 2020. We are keen to hear from Clients of capital construction projects with a Health & Social Care element on how P2020 can meet their requirements. Users can complete the attached questionnaire to provide any feedback and register for the NHS consultation day on the 4 October 2019. Please note industry consultation events will be advised in due course.

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Schemes that are delivered through the P22 framework are offered a free of charge VAT recovery service. Since April 2015, to the end of quarter 3 in financial year 2017-18, approximately £39m in VAT has been recovered.


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